The Butterflies – Ages 4 to 5 Years

“The Butterflies” (4–5 Years)

The Butterflies are located at our Bright Start II location at 202 N. George St., Ranson and the phone number is 304-725-0417.

The children in this preschool classroom are actively making decisions about their day and taking care of their classroom.  Learning to interact positively with peers and adults is one of the most important accomplishments for this age group.  Our classroom is set up with activity centers to inspire play.  In the home center children can pretend, dress-up, and create long dramas and stories.  The block area has an assortment of building materials and props to build independently or with their friends.  A science table displays interesting materials to explore.  The language center children are learning to put alphabet letters together to make words and acting out a particular story with our puppets.  Outside children can work at developing new large motor skills such as climbing, skipping, and shooting baskets.  The Pre-K classroom follows a curriculum of daily activities that are centered on a particular learning objective, such as “community, or “family.”

Daily activities incorporate a variety of opportunities for preschoolers to learn more about a particular learning objective by hands on learning.  For example, if the learning objective for the month is “winter,” some of the activities the children will complete might include the following; making a penguin suit, creating rainbow ice, making ice cream, and making a teddy bear cave and talking about hibernation.  Each month the learning objective is updated and a new set of activities are provided for the children.  We also talk about the letter of the week and do a variety of activities that relates to the letter or number we are working on.

Circle Time: This daily large group activity includes music, dance, and story time, reviewing colors, shapes, letters and numbers, reciting the pledge of allegiance, updating the calendar as we verbally sing the days of the week and the months of the year, weather watching, and assigning jobs for the helper board.

Rest time:  According WV state licensing policy, children are required to have a rest period.

Each child is evaluated before transitioning to the next classroom and may vary depending on the child.