• The West Virginia State Licensing Handbook is readily available for parents to view.
  • The handbook is placed at each of the front entrances.
  • The center is covered by liability insurance.
  • The center is a smoke-free environment.  This also includes our parking areas.

Birthday & Special Occasions
BSLC is committed to providing healthy food for our children.  We ask that if parents wish to celebrate their child’s birthday by bringing in a treat for the class that they do so by providing a healthy treat.  Some popular alternatives to iced cakes or ice cream are: frozen yogurt, fresh fruit w/ vanilla pudding or whipped cream, pound cake, trail mix (no peanuts please), muffins, or Jell-O jigglers. Parents are asked notify the teacher in advance if they are planning to bring a special healthy snack for the class.

BSLC policy regarding discipline relates directly to safety.  One of the center’s most important objectives is to always keep its students safe.  When a child is conducting himself in an unsafe way, the teacher or aide will give two verbal warnings.   If the child does not respond to the teacher’s warning, then the child is removed from the activity for a short period of time and is redirected to a new activity.  A child who is physically aggressive to other children or teachers is taught conflict resolution by learning how to use his words rather than his body to communicate his feelings.  For more severe issues, a conference (teacher, parents, and director) will be scheduled to determine the best course of action.  Parents are not permitted to use corporal punishment on the premises of Bright Start Learning Center, L.L.C. nor are you allowed to use corporal punishment if you are volunteering or chaperoning an event off-site.