Forms for Parents

Forms will open in a new window so you can view, download, and print. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view, download, and print these forms. Please contact us if you have any problems accessing these files.

Forms download: All About Me
This form will help BSLC learn about your child/children and daily habits. download: Child Emergency Form
This form keeps BSLC up-to-date on your information, such as emergency contacts, list of people with permission to pick up your child, any medical problems (allergies, medications, special needs). download: Child Health Assessment
This form provides BSLC with your child's/children's health history and medical information pertinent to routine child care and emergencies. download: Home Daily Schedule for Infants
This form will help Bright Start understand the daily routine of your infant. download: Medication Permission Form
This form allows BSLC to administer medication as needed. download: Potty Training Information
Contains potty training assistance procedures at BSLC, a consent form, and a consent form. download: Routine Oral Hygiene Form
This form contains information on the routine oral hygiene that BSLC promotes as well as the consent form. download: Sunscreen Permission Form
This form gives your consent for BSLC to apply sunscreen when outdoors. download: 2011 Pie Order Forms
Extra order forms for our Pie Fundraising Program

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